Sneakers passion & lifestyle 


I am Paul van Meel, 43 years old and born and living in Bergen op Zoom. I live together with my girlfriend and our 2 little boys. My passions are travelling and being creative in many kind of ways. I used to travel as a backpacker and started making macrame bracelets, earrings etc and I started making tattoo drawings that I sold while I was travelling and living in South America. I have lived in Rio de Janeiro for more than 2 years where I also made and sold "stroopwafels" on the streets. A typical dutch specialty. I always was interested in learning new things not out of money but just out of interest, motivation and passion. Passion that I have for sneakers started on primary school and got bigger and bigger along the way till I started camping for sneakers just to make sure I got that special sneakers. When I was unemployed for a long time I started looking for a hobby and so I started making my first customs 6 / 7 years ago. Since this time I am happy that I found this hobby and it felt like therapy.